European Heritage Days

Journées européennes du patrimoine
Visitors Share their Best European Heritage Days Moments on Social Media

Every year, the celebration of European Heritage Days moves beyond the physical locations opened for tours on specific dates. Although the event itself lasts only for few days a year, it manages to make a permanent impression on the visitors and encourage them to further promote its main ideas.

This year too, after inspiring tours to historical buildings, exhibitions and landmarks, the visitors decided to share their best moments with their friends and families on social media. Using hashtags #EHD2015 and #JEP2015, they assembled a remarkable collection of inspiring moments at European Heritage Days 2015.

Below are some of the tweets that marked this year’s event in Spain, Armenia, France, Serbia and United Kingdom - England.


Centre Medieval i dels Càtars - Berguedà, Spain


A moment of celebration at Yerevan, Armenia



Tweeting from the top of a church in Tourcoing, Northern France


The Fortress of Bač, Serbia

Discovering traditional architecture of Chester, United Kingdom-England



The power of social networks for promoting cultural events is truly unique and can be seen as one of the most important channels for reaching large audiences, especially those belonging to younger generations. With large-scale cultural events such as European Heritage Days, this is particularly important as it helps in educating more people about the value of national histories and common heritage. The photos above represent a continued celebration of European Heritage Days, proving that the visitors do not only passively consume the knowledge presented to them, but also seek the ways to actively share it with the others.