European Heritage Days

Journées européennes du patrimoine
The European Heritage Days Portal Celebrates its 3rd Birthday

On this day in 2013, the European Heritage Days portal was launched in Yerevan, Armenia, as a flagship initiative aiming to promote each and every of the European Heritage Days events across Europe. Through the interactive map displaying all the events listed, the portal highlights the scope of the festival and invites Europeans to explore thematic events near them. In addition to this, it provides opportunities for participating countries to, quite literary, put their most iconic heritage sites on the map of Europe.

Connecting the national coordinators from the 50 participating countries, together with hundreds of local organisers and volunteers, the portal is intended to encourage the exchange of knowledge and build communities involved in the European Heritage Days celebrations, as well as to promote numerous exciting workshops, exhibitions, guided tours and other thematic events. Every single listing helps enrich the shared European heritage, alongside with the awareness of Europe’s impressive historic and cultural treasures.

“The core idea behind the European Heritage DaysPportal is to highlight the passionate community forming around protection, promotion and preservation of shared European Heritage. From the open house in a historical village, through the winetasting and beekeeping, all the way to free exhibitions from some of the most important European museums, the Portal gives equal visibility and a space to tell a truly amazing story that serves as a commitment to the past and an inspiration to the future.  Thousands of local organisers, together with our 56 National Coordinators are contributing to make the Portal a space that continuous to change, evolve and grow for the benefits of all European communities. We will continue to work on providing a comprehensive insight into what Europe is doing to promote local treasures and shared values,” says Jelena Mocevic, Programme Manager of the European Heritage Days.

The portal gathers thousands of people who are eager to be a part of cultural heritage celebrations around them. With more than 30000 events in 2016, we expect many more people to turn to the portal for event information and take active participation in the exploration of their local heritage sites and shared European values.

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