European Heritage Days

Journées européennes du patrimoine
Slovakia Dedicates the Month of September to European Heritage Days

Starting off on 3rd September 2016, European Heritage Days in Slovakia will bring together visitors from across the country to celebrate their heritage with a theme focused on monuments and people. The event will last until the end of the month and will create new opportunities for the exploration of Slovakian history and culture. Visitors will be able to participate in various themed events and workshops organised specifically for this occasion, as well as visit permanent exhibitions in various museums, galleries and castles across the country for free.

The Opening Ceremony will take place on 8th September in Zvolen, an old town in the central Slovakia which is a home to numerous historic monuments and cultural sites. This will be a great opportunity for the town to promote its culture and engage more people in rediscovering local histories and shared European heritage. Lenka Balkovičová, the Mayor of Zvolen, expressed her excitement about hosting the opening ceremony, noting that this is an opportunity for the town to show the best it has.

During the month of September, Zvolen’s most recognizable landmarks will offer free admissions for everyone interested in learning more about their town’s history. Among them, medieval Zvolen Castle and Pustý hrad will join the celebration of European Heritage Days as unique witnesses of the past. In addition to these heritage sites, the town’s churches, museums and galleries will host themed workshops and guided tours that explore relationships between people and heritage.

Beyond Zvolen, numerous events will be organised across Slovakia to unveil some little known historic places, as well as valuable collections of the country’s renowned museums and other cultural institutions. In Bratislava, the sites that are traditionally opened for free exploration during European Heritage Days include Slovak National Museum, Old City Hall and Slovak National Gallery, which recently hosted a Creative Heritage conference.

During the month of June, the organisers also hosted a photography competition to encourage people to share their favourite photos of Slovakia’s heritage sites. The competition invites young people aged 21 or less to enter the competition for a chance to win a prize and celebrate their local tangible or intangible heritage.

Celebrating European Heritage Days since 1993, Slovakia offers a rich European Heritage Days programme that every year welcomes thousands of visitors. As a well-attended and exciting annual cultural event, European Heritage Days in Slovakia put the country’s history and heritage in focus to promote their values and encourage people to cherish their national and shared European Heritage.

Photo credits: kostolík sv. Kozmu a Damiána, Abramová
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