European Heritage Days

Journées européennes du patrimoine
Slavonice to Host The National Opening of European Heritage Days in the Czech Republic

The 26th edition of European Heritage Days in the Czech Republic will be celebrated between 3rd and 11th September 2016, when more than 50 themed events will take place across the country. With a focus on the theme of “Heritage Communities,” the events will be organised in 14 regions to present local histories, traditional culture, and shared European heritage.   

The National Opening of the festival will be hosted in Slavonice, an old town in the southwest Moravia, where several events will be organised between 2nd and 4th September. The official opening ceremony is will take place on Saturday, 3rd September at 10.00, while an exhibition titled “Bearers of the Tradition of Folk Crafts” will be opened a day earlier at 17.00.

Bearers of the Tradition of Folk Crafts Exhibition

“Bearers of the Tradition of Folk Crafts” has been traditionally organised within European Heritage Days in the Czech Republic since 2001. Inspired by the “Living Human Treasures” project by UNESCO, the exhibition aims to gather people with comprehensive knowledge of traditional crafts and folk production technologies to promote their skills. Every year, the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic recognises remarkable work of participants with a symbolic award and presents them at UNESCO headquarters. Thus far, the ministry has recognised around fifty practitioners including weavers, smiths, basket makers, potters, and the like.

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Exploring the Cultural Heritage of the Czech Republic

Rich in historic monuments, traditional crafts and cultural events, the Czech Republic offers a diverse European Heritage Days programme every year. This year too, the visitors will be presented with a range of inspiring events to learn about people and places that contributed to crating the heritage of the present.

One of the most attractive programmes will be offered in Prague, where visitors will have an opportunity to explore their beautiful capital city from a new perspective. Some of the most interesting events include a guided tour through the Golden Sun burgher house, an architectural gem of the city that dates back from the renaissance period, as well as numerous performances at New Town Hall and a lecture by Václav Čermák about the The Emmaus Glagolitic Literature of the Charles IV and Wenceslas IV Period.

Other historic sites in the Czech Republic that will offer free admissions include Český Šternberk Castle, one of the oldest early-Gothic castles in Bohemia, a popular tourist attraction Bor Chateau in the Pilsen region, as well as many others. Detailed information about the events are available on the  official website of The Association of Historical Settlements in Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia (SHS CMS), an organisation that has been organising European Heritage Days events since 1991, as well as on the European Heritage Days portal.