European Heritage Days

Journées européennes du patrimoine
Provincial Council of Bizkaia presents new topics for European Heritage Days in Bizkaia

Tackling the topics of migration, cultural diversity and the exploratory energy that brings people together, European Heritage Days 2016 in Bizkaia highlighted the values of shared European heritage in a truly inspiring way. In 2017, Bizkaia continues the celebrations with the theme Paisaia bizia. La construcción de los paisajes en Bizkaia (Constructing the landscapes of Bizkaia).

Presented by the Provincial Council to a large group of representatives of municipal councils, cultural organisations, businesses and private individuals, the 2017 campaign will include a benchmark programme for the dissemination of the cultural attractions of Bizkaia. The presentation featured a broad definition of the term “landscape”, not just as the backdrop for our history with its material evidence of the past, but also as an active, dynamic feature that is continually changing. This topic provides the theme that runs through all the activities envisaged in the programme.

The seminars held will cover arable and livestock farming landscapes, as well as coastal, river, urban, industrial and even symbolic landscapes, all of which are manifestations of a greater landscape that is continually changing, where the perception of the population and the interpretation of observers are all-important. That is why there are as many landscapes as there are ways of looking at them.

This kaleidoscopic vision of landscape will be at the forefront of the programme for the European Heritage Days 2016. The general public is invited to take part through a number of different activities and the invitation is aimed mainly at cultural groups and associations that disseminate and defend our natural and cultural heritage, climbing and hill-walking associations, environmental groups, and many others. Indeed, all those who can provide their own vision of the landscape based on their own areas of action and their own new approaches to the territory are welcome to take part.

European Heritage Days in Bizkaia, a model of organisation present in European forums

This year Bizkaia is staging the 17th European Heritage Days. Through a month-long events programme, the public in Bizkaia will have the opportunity to access and discover numerous resources associated with their heritage and history.

This programme for disseminating cultural heritage has a strong track record in the territory, with steadily increasing participation of actors at local and supra-municipal district levels in the organising of activities staged for the public in October.

Last year, 65 municipalities in Bizkaia signed up for these heritage celebrations, in a campaign that featured the involvement of 61 municipal councils, 21 museums and interpretation centres, as well as 67 social and cultural groups, bodies and organisations.

In total, 300 free activities were organised, including guided tours, lectures, exhibitions, concerts, demonstrations, tastings, itineraries, historical recreations, dramatisations, etc. in a broad, varied range of cultural events with something for everyone.

In summing up the results of last year’s campaign, the Provincial Council highlighted an increase not only in the number of people organising events but also in the number of visitors who took advantage of the broad range of cultural events on offer: the total was close to 15,000.

The interest shown in the programme by the Council of Europe was also pointed out. This took the form of invitations to take part in several working panels in order to explain how the program is organised in Bizkaia, coordinated by the Provincial Council but with local actors and groups taking centre stage in organisational work.

To take part in the programme contact:

BizkaiKOA- Diputación Foral de Bizkaia

By email at or by telephone on 94 406 63 40.


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