European Heritage Days

Journées européennes du patrimoine
Living with Heritage: Serbia Announces the Theme for European Heritage Days

As a part of the common theme that focuses on heritage and communities, the European Heritage Days events in Serbia will emphasize the role that people, organisations, families and friends have in managing cultural heritage and environment. Officially themed “Cultural Heritage and Communities: Living with Heritage,” the festival will take place between 22nd September and 4th October 2016 in over a dozen of cities across the country.

Within the festival that will last for almost two weeks, Serbian cultural and historical institutions will host numerous events that will explore how communities help in preserving cultural heritage and promoting its potential. This year’s theme particularly aims to inspire visitors to start taking more care of their shared heritage and further promote its values. In relation to this, the official announcement coming from the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia states:

“The potential of cultural heritage is great and is useful for everyone. Everybody is welcome to become a part of European Heritage Days and organise programs and activities that will help promoting cultural heritage, as well as the work on its preservation. Every community, group or environment with its differences and similarities is equally important.”

With over a hundred of free programmes specifically prepared for the festival, European Heritage Days represent one of the largest and most popular cultural festivals in Serbia. Last year, the events lasted for eleven days and included various workshops, exhibitions and tours dedicated to representing old and traditional crafts. From frescos in ancient monasteries and folk creativity to modern literature, arts and science, various aspects of culture were covered to show the extent to which European common heritage is weaved into the country’s industrial past.  

In 2016, European Heritage Days in Serbia will take place for the 14th time and will last for 12 days. The Ministry of Culture and Information invites everyone interested in organising a cultural event with a focus on heritage and communities to get in touch with the representatives via phone or email given here.  

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