European Heritage Days

Journées européennes du patrimoine
Karlovy Vary to Mark 700th Anniversary of the Birth of Charles IV Within European Heritage Days

In 2016, the entire cultural events calendar in the Czech Republic will take a unique perspective to mark the 700th anniversary of the birth of Charles IV, one of the most eminent figures in the national and European history.

Born in 1316 in Prague, Charles IV was the first King of Bohemia to become a Holy Roman Emperor. Ruling from 1355 until his death in 1378, Charles IV is remembered as a representative of the golden age of Bohemia and a man who made Prague the political, economic and cultural centre of the Roman Empire.

To honour his achievements and historical contributions, the Czech Republic will this year dedicate various festivals, exhibitions and tours to the memory of him. In Karlovy Vary, numerous events from May through October 2016 will be organised to tell stories about this well-known king and revive the spirit of the old ages. Among the major cultural events taking place in the city, the European Heritage Days visitors will also have an opportunity to learn more about Charles IV and his historical significance.

With the dates for this year’s European Heritage Days in the Czech Republic being set for the week between the 3rd and 11th September, Karlovy Vary will participate in the event by organising a sightseeing trip of Charles IV on 3rd and 4th September. This will be a great opportunity for both local and international visitors to learn more about the history of this popular European spa, as well as the king after which the city was named.  

Beyond Karlovy Vary, the Czech Republic will open doors to its rich cultural heritage sites across 14 regions during the 2016 European Heritage Days. With over 500 events, the country successfully celebrated the event in 2015, welcoming thousands of people interested in history and culture of the country. With 12 properties inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List and 4 items included on the UNESCO List of Masterpieces of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity, the Czech Republic indeed has an attractive cultural offering to include in European Heritage Days celebrations.