European Heritage Days

Journées européennes du patrimoine
“Heritage for Everyone” Doubles the Number of Cultural Activities in Andalusia

Andalusia presents an ambitious European Heritage Days program this year, doubling the number of activities, and aiming to give visibility to the joint work of numerous civic associations and Public Administration in the support of vulnerable groups. The events will give them a greater role in the dissemination and enjoyment of the rich and varied Andalusian heritage. Thus, the slogan suggested by the national coordination Heritage of All takes on a special meaning.

Visitors will enjoy a tour around one of the emblematic neighbourhoods of Granada, led by volunteers with Down syndrome. Various workshops in museums are designed specifically for people with differentiated disabilities, organized by associations of families with members suffering from autism or brain damage. Good practices will be studied in accessibility to museums and cultural properties to facilitate people with special needs to enjoy heritage, especially in case of children and youth.

Women have a special role this year, with various activities organized by groups in defence of equality, especially in disadvantaged areas, such as the Association of gypsy women, Romi. The heritage of Andalusian people, linked to agriculture, will be especially relevant in some rural areas, showing their resources such as water management and olive cultivation as well as their abundant intangible heritage, including flamenco, handicrafts and other artistic manifestations.


Many activities show cultural heritage as a source of interpretation of the territory, and are organized by groups working for and creating a supportive social model in which multicultural societies can coexist. So is the work of the association Vth District, in the urban area of ​​Huelva, making their planned and strategic work visible, in organizing social, economic and cultural activities. The result is greater social cohesion and quality of life for groups with large multidimensional problems.

The Andalusian countryside and its development are also represented with numerous activities that highlight their heritage, natural and cultural values, thanks to a joint effort of the people and the Government of Andalusia to prevent the disappearance of these valuable initiatives, which have been going on for years, and are now becoming especially relevant in Europe under the spirit of the Faro Action Plan.

In the coming days more than 100 stars will appear in the European Heritage Days portal showing you the effort of the Andalusian people to value their heritage and the support of the Administration to ensure that in the EHD, really, everybody counts.