European Heritage Days

Journées européennes du patrimoine
“Heritage and Knowledge” in Focus for the 2016 European Heritage Days in Belarus

“When we know more we take a better care of this or that item of heritage.”

With this statement, Alla Stashkevich, the head of scientific support of the protection of historical and cultural heritage at the Institute of Culture of Belarus introduced the theme for the upcoming European Heritage Days in the country. In the associated BelTA press release, Stashkevich highlighted the need to educate people on the importance of cultural heritage and promote awareness of its values. With this goal in mind, the 2016 European Heritage Days in Belarus will be organised with the theme “Heritage and Knowledge.”

Building upon the common theme “Heritage Communities,” the programme in Belarus will put people’s need to learn more about their heritage into focus of the events. By showcasing the country’s numerous architectural, cultural and historic gems, the festival will motivate visitors to rediscover their living environments and shared cultural values. Free admissions to various exhibitions, workshops and tours will be organised across the country and one of the most exciting programmes will be offered in Vitebsk, the city of inspiration.

Dedicated to the famous artist group UNOVIS, the 2016 European Heritage Days in Vitebsk will celebrate art and innovation through a number of thematic events. Founded in 1919, UNOVIS was a group of artists who worked to introduce new trends to the art scene of Belarus. The group was led by the famous painter Kazimir Malevich whose works have made a revolution in the global art scene, continuing to be an inspiration for a number of contemporary artists. The ideas he worked to promote with UNOVIS will be revived during European Heritage Days, which will enable a new interpretation for the historical and cultural context in which he created.

In addition to Vitebsk, the beautiful capital of Belarus, Minsk, will traditionally join the European Heritage Days events with its numerous museums, churches and other historic buildings. Given the number and scope of the events, September will be an inspiring time to revisit some of the city’s most important landmarks and learn more about their uniquely interesting histories. Like in previous years, European Heritage Days in Belarus promise to create memorable experiences for visitors, while educating them on the most important values of their shared cultural heritage.

Photo credits:

Viciebsk Collage, Wikipedia

Malevich, Self-Portrait, 1933, Wikipedia