European Heritage Days

Journées européennes du patrimoine
Glasgow Doors Open Days to Honour Scottish History, Heritage and Archaeology

With nearly 23,000 visitors in 2016, Glasgow Door Open Days has upheld its status as one of the most keenly celebrated cultural festival. Bringing the city’s historic gems and traditional values into focus for an entire week, Glasgow Door Open Days offers extraordinary insights into architectural, artistic and cultural marvels of “The Dear Green Place.”

In 2017, Glasgow’s historic houses, religious buildings and various cultural institutions will open their doors for the 28th edition of the festival. This time, the theme of the events will be aligned with the celebrations of the Year of History, Heritage and Archaeology, a nationwide initiative established by the Scottish Government.

Aiming to highlight “Scotland's intriguing history, impressive cultural heritage and fascinating archaeology,” the Year of History, Heritage and Archaeology will be celebrated with a number of events all across the country. With the moto “Scotland: The Spirit of its Own,” the initiative helps pass on traditional Scottish narratives to younger generations and encourages them to keep discovering the everlasting values of history.

To support the celebrations, this year’s Glasgow Doors Open Days will particularly focus on uncovering Scottish historic, archaeological and heritage treasures. The programme will be taking place between 11th and 17th September, when Glaswegians and visitors will be invited to offices, homes, schools, legal institutions and many other edifices that are not normally open to public.

In addition to this, a number of themed events, special heritage trails and children activities will be offered to bring different generations together to celebrate their common past. The festival thus invites everyone to take part in the programme and gain a new heritage experience by exploring their local history and environment.   

The full programme will be available in August, while all the participant information can be found on the Glasgow Doors Open Days website.