European Heritage Days

Journées européennes du patrimoine
Germany to Showcase “Power and Splendour” Within European Heritage Days 2017

The historic contrast between majestic and modest, rich and poor, will be the prism to observe the rich cultural heritage of Germany during European Heritage Days 2017. Themed “Power and Splendour,” the festival will uncover the hidden meanings behind different architectural forms, cultural contexts and symbols engraved in various historic buildings and monuments across the country.

Taking place on 10th September, the annual “Open Monuments Day” celebration will focus on exploring the social contexts in which Germany’s fascinating monuments and architectural gems were created. The nationwide “Power and Splendour” moto will offer new interpretive possibilities of cultural heritage and enable visitors to delve deeper into the nation’s past.

Through a rich event programme, culture and heritage explorers will learn more about architectural forms, materials and techniques, as well as styles, colours, motifs and ornamentation specific to certain historic periods. This will unravel a number of lesser known narratives that have played a role in shaping today’s society of Germany and Europe.

The event organizers are invited to use this unique perspective and showcase the heritage sites around them in all their architectural or historic glory. The “Power and Splendour” theme can be covered in numerous ways - from presenting grandeur architectural projects to unveiling the crafts, traditions and lifestyles associated with some simplistic buildings. Such an approach will reveal the multi-layered society of the past and all the ways it has contributed to forming the heritage of today.   

In addition to the main theme, the events will also pay close attention to Reformation year and all the long-lasting changes it has brought in terms of culture, architecture and society. This perspective will help blend the public knowledge with hidden histories of various seemingly ordinary sites in order to give a truthful representation of the past.  

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© Thüringisches Landesamt für Denkmalpflege und Archeology, Werner Streitberger

© Roland Rossner, German Foundation for Monument Protection

© Christiane Herl, City of Lemgo