European Heritage Days

Journées européennes du patrimoine
European Heritage Days 2016 in Poland: Where spirit meets space

The 24th edition of European Heritage Days in Poland will be celebrated on the weekends of 10-11th and 17- 18th of September 2016 as a unique and the biggest festival of monuments. Using the theme of this year’s edition „Where spirit meets space - temples, masterpieces and monuments” the focus will be on the fact that many monuments are carrying spiritual values associated with faith, art and history. Each local community has its own history and tradition which is often visible in the architecture, buildings, monuments and masterpieces. The EHD’s initiative is a great opportunity to discover and promote the uniqueness of the region.

Every year the European Heritage Days initiative brings together different kinds of social groups in Poland. Organizers prepare for this occasion various scenarios that give the chance to explore places that are not available every day and participate in interesting lectures and educational walk. Each year this initiative has been more and more appreciated by local authorities, local government, cultural institutions, non-governmental organizations and individuals. It is also an event with wide interest among national and regional media. Interesting programs scheduled for EDD attracts an increasing number of participants each year.

European Heritage Days in Poland have not only an impact on social and cultural aspects but also on economic issues. This is the opportunity to change the perception of expenses related to the protection of monuments. Now it’s treated as a cost but in fact, it’s the investment. European Heritage Days have a significant impact on the dissemination of knowledge of the protection of heritage and an opportunity to present heritage as a base for the development of tourism and creating new workplaces.

This initiative affects interpersonal integration and contribution to cooperation with various actors in the region. This year’s edition is expected to achieve the same or even bigger success than the previous.