European Heritage Days

Journées européennes du patrimoine
Celebrating the Marvellous Landscapes of Gipuzkoa within European Heritage Days 2017

Reflected in spectacular coastlines, flourishing agricultural landscapes or captivating mountain views, Gupizkoa’s natural heritage is one of the province’s most treasured resources. Its beauty and its values for local communities will be highlighted during the 2017 edition of European Heritage Days in Gipuzkoa, which will be dedicated to exploring the province’s historic, industrial, urban and symbolic landscapes.

For the second year in a row, Gipuzkoa will join Europe’s largest heritage festival to present its traditions, history and culture through a new lens. Under the umbrella of the “Heritage and Nature” theme for 2017, and in the framework of European Landscape Convention from 2000, this year’s events will highlight Gipuzkoa’s fantastic landscapes and natural areas.

Throughout the programme, an emphasis will be put on observing landscape as an invaluable cultural heritage resource and as an expression of identity of Gipuzkoa communities.  


Presented in March 2017 by the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa, this theme will call for the protection of historic, architectural, industrial and modern urban heritage. It will particularly invite ecologists, environmentalist organisations and rural associations to bring their perspective on the landscape forward and help raise awareness of its values.

On the occasion of the theme launch, the Provencal Council of Gipuzkoa invited both citizens and public and private entities to join the celebration and participate in thematic activities that will be offered in Gipuzkoa’s municipalities. Building upon the success of the last year’s programme, when 10 municipalities and 34 cultural and tourist institutions participated in the programme, the 2017 European Heritage Days will look to engage even more people into free guided tours, thematic exhibitions, concerts, walks, conferences, workshops and many other activities.

The call for interested organisations and associations to submit a plan of their activities is open until 21st April, 2017. After all the submissions are received and reviewed, the final programme of the European Heritage Days 2017 in Gipuzkoa will be announced.

More information about the application process can be found here.