European Heritage Days

Journées européennes du patrimoine
Bulgaria Celebrates “Cultural Heritage and Information Society” Throughout October

The 2016 European Heritage Days in Bulgaria took an interesting approach to celebrating heritage communities with an up-on-the-minute theme focused on "Cultural Heritage in the Information Society". Its choice was provoked by the need to adapt the processes of preservation and promotion of heritage to this environment in which the creation, distribution, use, integration and management of information become a tool for economic, social and cultural policies and activities.

The initiative will be celebrated with numerous events in September and October 2016 throughout the country - in 70 municipalities of 27 districts. As a national coordinator for implementation of the European Heritage Days in Bulgaria the Ministry of Culture distributes a National calendar of over 350 events. The calendar has been prepared in cooperation with local administrations, museums, galleries, libraries, theatres, NGOs, etc. The program in the city of Sofia has been organized in partnership with the French Institute in Bulgaria and Sofia Municipality.

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In 2016 the official celebrations on the occasion of European Heritage Days in Bulgaria started in Sofia on 14 September with a press conference and an exhibition opening. The main events were held in the town of Sandanski between 15 and 18 September, where hundreds of citizens gathered to explore their past. Ancient Basilica and Archaeological museum were at the centre of celebrations in the town whose rich history and cultural monuments make it a unique destination for exploring heritage.

Together with the Municipal administration, the Ministry of Culture organized a National Workshop and Info Day, which involved specialists from various fields, researchers, museum workers and local government representatives from various regions in the country. With the assistance of the Archaeological Museum – Sandanski, an initiative called Heritage Classes was organised with an aim to encourage young people's interest in cultural heritage.

The events throughout the country continue in October. New exhibitions can be seen in the Art Gallery of Kavarna and the Regional Ethnographic Museum in Plovdiv. In the town of Simeonovgrad will be held a folklore festival, whereas in Isperih local Heritage Days are being celebrated with different initiatives, such as scientific conference, multiple fairs and activities for children. In Sofia the National Polytechnic Museum is preparing a “Family Saturday”, dedicated to the World Music Day (1 October).

Current information about the European Heritage Days in Bulgaria, including all events, can be found on the official website of the Ministry of Culture, on a blog specifically dedicated to EHDs, as well as on the EHD Bulgaria Facebook page.