European Heritage Days

Journées européennes du patrimoine
Austria Calls for a Heritage Exploration Under the Slogan “Together on the Road”

Celebrated as a part of European Heritage Days, the Monument Day in Austria takes place every year in September, aiming to support European heritage conservation and give free access to numerous heritage sites across the country. This year, the date for the programme is set for the 25th of September and will focus on a joint exploration of architectural gems, cultural landmarks and historical trails.

Under the slogan “Together on the Road,” Austria invites visitors on a unique cultural-historical journey, which will include the exploration of pilgrim paths, trading routes, cellar alleys and many other places not normally open to public for free. This way, the country will unravel some centuries-old architecture and heritage stories, while the thematic trails will revive specific landscapes in an entirely new way.

The physical roads that will be explored are the architectural tours de force such as Grossglockner High Alpine Road and the Semmering railway, Austria’s witnesses of historical art of street and rail construction. In relation to the theme, the official press release suggests:

“In metaphorical sense, ‘Together on the road’ also stands for the cooperation between private monument owners, associations and public institutions when considering the conservation of monumental heritage.”

This year’s theme will thus gather communities, organisers and explorers in a joint adventure on historical routes which tell stories of the past and represent Austria’s unique heritage. The event will be celebrated across the country with numerous events in Burgerland, the easternmost state of Austria known for its captivating rural landscape and wine production culture, the beautiful city of Salzburg whose rich history continues to attract visitors from around the world throughout the year, the historical gem of Europe embodied in the capital Vienna, as well as several other regions equally attractive for this form of exploration.