European Heritage Days

Journées européennes du patrimoine
6 Municipalities of Montenegro to Participate in European Heritage Days

Early autumn is a miraculous time to explore vivid Montenegrin landscapes, spend calming afternoons at the coast of Adriatic Sea or set on a journey to discover more about the country’s lavish cultural heritage. Participating in the European Heritage Days celebrations for the 9th time, Montenegro will make the last week of September ttruly special for anyone interested in history and culture.  Between 26th and 30th September, the country will offer a rich cultural programme in six municipalities to promote local customs, architecture, music, writing and lifestyles.  

In a cooperation with local and national institutions, the Ministry of Culture of Montenegro prepared a number of events in Bar, Kotor, Cetinje, Podgorica, Ulcinj, Rožaje, as well as in the village Kučka Korita. The unique flair and historic diversity of each of these municipalities will be uncovered through a number of thematic events dedicated to the celebration of the Heritage Communities theme. One of the central events will be the exhibition in the northern Montenegrin municipality Rožaje, which will be organized with the aim of promoting local female costumes of that area. As a historically multi-cultural setting, Rožaje gives a unique glimpse into the country’s past and livestyles of the municipality’s various communities.

In addition to Rožaje, a number of other towns and villages will organise events dedicated to local customs and community values. Bar will present Vladislav Kasalica's photo exhibition titled “Cultural Heritage of Bar” at Bar County Museum to bring together protected and registered immovable cultural properties of the entire municipality to a single place. The exhibition will include 60 photographs that capture monumental characteristics and values of various archaeological, sacred and profane monuments, ancient fortified cities and fortifications, as well as rural and industrial settlements.

In the Kučka Korita village, visitors will have an opportunity to join a practical training in dry-stone masonry technique and expand their knowledge on the region’s traditional crafts, while the magnificent old royal capital Cetinje will focus on showcasing its history. The National Museum of Montenegro will organise a youth-focused event titled “My town in history - My town during the World War One,” whose aim is to educate on the history of Cetinje in a fun and interactive way. In addition to this, the city will also present the development of the city’s cultural activities at the beginning of the previous century with an exhibition titled „Urban life in Cetinje at the beginning of the 20th century.”

Celebrations will also be held in Ulcinj, where the city’s Centre for Culture will organise EHD within the International Symposium "Sustainable Conservation of the Old Town - Castle of Ulcinj” to highlight traditional production of fabric, traditional customs, as well as the local food. The citizens will be able to enjoy various cultural events in the Boka Bay of Kotor, one of the most picturesque and recognisable Montenegrin landscapes.

Offering so many opportunities for visitors to reconnect with the history, local traditions and shared European values, Montenegro will provide a string of memorable experiences this September.