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Journées européennes du patrimoine
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peeling potatoes, photo Hedmarkmuseet

We will tell you about old mountain farming (seterdrift) in Hedmark on the Cultural Heritage Day. Traditional division of labour between women and men, but also focus on the sites and buildings that are still there. The larger farms down in the valleys usually had a separate smaller mountain farm for cowes and sheep in the summer time.

Hedmark regional museum at Domkirkeodden will open the open-air museum for all voluntary organizations (NGO). Practical demonstrations and guiding about traditions in mountain farming in the region. The mountain farm buildings of the museum will be open.

Main responsible: Hedmark local chapter of Fortidsminneforeningen (The society for the Preservation of Norwegian Ancient Monuments). Cooperation with the museum of Hedmark.

Time: Sunday September 8th 12-17 pm

Place: Domkirkeodden, Hamar, Norway



September 8th 2013

Domkirkeodden, Hamar, Norway

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