European Heritage Days

Journées européennes du patrimoine
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Heritage Around Us

This year's theme, Heritage Around Us, addresses heritage communities and how we create heritage at home when we decide to conserve a valuable object, story or piece of wisdom for our descendants. One can easily see that the decision and agreement of a community on what is worth conserving for those to come after us are important factors in any environment. The task of all of us involved in heritage is to draw the attention of the young and the not so young to the fact that heritage is not just big, important buildings but can also be something small, something that is overlooked or apparently insignificant. We see in this year's theme an opportunity to draw attention to heritage that is at risk, to heritage that is disappearing – rural and industrial heritage and also a part of heritage that is still not recognised as such in the general public consciousness: the architecture of the twentieth century.

The enormous commitment, enthusiasm and belief in the EHD project and the positive attitude of the majority of participants from the various institutions are an assurance that EHDs will continue to grow in Slovenia.