European Heritage Days

Journées européennes du patrimoine
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In Finland the European Heritage Days focus especially on the cultural environment as a whole (built heritage, landscapes, archaeological heritage). The Finnish EHDs are called the European Cultural Environment Days.

Events are arranged all over the country by local organisers who plan a variety of interesting activities. They range, for example, from guided tours and lectures to exhibitions and workshops. Everyone, including private persons, communities and companies, is welcome to arrange events for the European Heritage Days in Finland.

In 2016 European Heritage Days will be held in Finland with the theme ‘Community places, shared environments’, emphasising the important role that communities play in managing their own cultural heritage and environments. The theme is based on the Faro Convention. Finnish theme was selected with the aim of highlighting clubs, associations, groups of friends, families and other communities who manage and protect their own cultural environments in numerous ways.

Themes year by year in Finland

2016 Community places, shared environments
2015 Industrial and Technical Heritage
2014 The invisible cultural environment
2013 Long live built heritage!
2012 Sports and Recreation
2011 Cultural Routes
2010 Built Landscape
2009 Town and city halls
2008 Houses owned by associations - club houses and community halls
2007 Public Interiors
2006 Places of Arrival and Departure
2005 Gardens and parks
2004 My Home
2003 Houses and Spaces / The celebrations for the national year of built heritage
2002 From Markets to Supermarkets
2001 The built environment of childhood
2000 Land of wood
1999 Local names - Echoes of history
1998 The achievements of the era of reconstruction (during and after WWII)
1997 The buildings of independent Finland decade by decade
1996 Squares
1995 Houses of Faith and their surroundings
1994 My city, my birth place
1993 Industrial Heritage
1992 20th century architecture