European Heritage Days

Journées européennes du patrimoine
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Industrial and Technical Heritage

Date: October 2015

Albania, a small country situated in the west of the Balkan Peninsula, with 3 million of inhabitants, hosts a very rich cultural heritage . Situated between two major ancient civilizations, the Greek and Roman, Albania inherits an invaluable treasure, which naturally belongs to the European and world cultural heritage.

The European Heritage Days have been organized in Albania since 1998, with a wide range of activities which have consisted in traditional folk festivals, painting’s, photo’s and icon’s exhibitions, workshops, information campaigns in media and schools, organized and free of charge visits in the heritage sites and museums of the country, etc. EHD 2015 in Albania are part of the pan-European theme, celebrating Industrial and Technical Heritage.

Theme for 2014: Show your culture
Date: 29 September - 6 October 2014

Theme for 2013: Culture and Diversity
Date: 5-7 October 2013